Sunday, February 26, 2012

Carnival Weekend Jan 18 & 19th

Ryan started his Carnival weekend off with a party and parade at school.  All the kids came in costumes, which was fun to see and basically like Halloween at home.  We had such a fun weekend watching all of the Carnival activities in Eindhoven on Saturday and Maastricht (about 1 hour away) on Sunday.  There was a fun parade in both cities and people got so creative.  Lots of drinking, dancing, and music. Fun people watching to say the least! The streets were filled with people all dressed up in costumes.  We stuck out by not being dressed up!  Our Sunday trip to Maastricht was cut short when a snow storm came thru really quickly.  We were running back to our car.

Ryan watching the parade in Eindhoven 

The streets of Eindhoven

Parade in Eindhoven

 Square in Maastricht

Square in Maastricht right before the snow storm started   

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