Thursday, April 12, 2012

Keukenhof - Amsterdam

Happy Easter!  Troy returned from Portland the Saturday before Easter.  We all were so happy to see him!  Very strange that he was at home and we were all here.  He brought lots of Easter goodies (thank you Judy and Amy!) and I had quite the list of things for him to bring back.  It felt like Christmas with everything he brought back!  A little piece of home!!

On Sunday, Ryan woke up and went racing downstairs to see what the Easter bunny brought.  I hid some Easter eggs in the other room thinking we would do this after breakfast, but he didn't see his Easter basket and went straight for the other room.  By the time we got downstairs he had found most of the eggs and thought this was what the Easter bunny brought.  He is really into the next 4+ year legos, so he spent a long time working on his new lego helicopter.  Abby is still a little too little to understand.  She just wanted to hold the chocolate eggs and walk around.  Her new word is ball, so she just kept saying ball to all of the Easter eggs.

We decided to go to Keukenhof up near Amsterdam on Easter Sunday.  We have heard many people talk of this place as a must see.  It's a park with mostly tulips and areas to walk around.  It's only open for about 2 months (April and May) when all of the tulips bloom.  It was beautiful, but VERY crowded and not really a kid type place.  There is a small jungle gym, but mostly it is walking around to the different showcases of flowers and looking at all of the beautiful flowers in the gardens.  It was neat to see.  Troy also had Monday off, so we just relaxed and hung around the house.  Troy brought back the first 2 Hunger Games books and I could not stop reading them.  I already finished the first 2!

Love their faces here

 One of the many surrounding tulip fields/farms


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