Monday, November 26, 2012

Luxembourg - Sept 22-23

We always seem to push ourselves a bit when it comes to traveling here, but at the same time we feel like our time will go by so fast that we have to try and see as much as we can!  Plus we are definitely trying to see cities and countries that probably wouldn't be our destination when we come back to Europe one day.  So, on Saturday, after Friday at Legoland in Germany, we headed to Luxembourg for the night.  It is about a 3 hour drive from where we are.  Beautiful drive thru Belgium and the kids did really well in the car.  The city of Luxembourg is beautiful!  Lots of rolling hills with parts of the city built at the bottom of the hill and at the top.  So much history here and wealth!  I didn't realize how many countries fought for control of Luxembourg thru history (Romans, French, Dutch, Germans). The old churches, fortress walls, and buildings were beautiful.  It is a pretty easy city to walk, however there is quite a bit of elevation change, so not ideal with small children who are walking.  We didn't go down the hill too far as we knew Ryan would have to walk back up.  I was also a nervous wreck because the walls overlooking the cliffs weren't very tall and the kids kept wanting to peer over!  The old fortress area was a big hit for Ryan.

Our friend had told us about seeing/following the Valley of the 7 castles (in Luxembourg) drive on our way back to the Netherlands.  I didn't do much research before, but we googled it on our way out and tried to go to the first one.  However, this one wasn't easily marked (ie we couldn't find it :) ), so we gave up and just headed home.  These castles look beautiful, though. 

 Ryan admiring the view
 What is in this thing?

 View looking down from part of the fortress walls
 An old watch tower

 Ryan playing

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