Monday, October 8, 2012

Apple Picking Sept 8th

A local fruit orchard opens up apple and pear picking to the public three Saturdays in the month of September.  The orchard also had a pancake house (pannekoeken) with lots of play structures for the kids.  Many other people in Eindhoven had the same idea for this Saturday!  The orchard was very busy!  We met some friends and quickly started to pick.  The apples were delicious right off of the tree!  Ryan and Troy picked a ton of apples!  We are going to be making more apple things to use them up for the next few months!  The pears weren't quite ripe, so we didn't pick as many.  We ended the hard apple picking work with a ham and cheese pannekoeken.  Another beautiful fall day spent with great friends we've made here!

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