Monday, October 8, 2012

Giethoorn, Netherlands August 18th

The August weather in the Netherlands stayed a bit warmer and we seized the opportunity to do something outdoors when we saw this weekend was going to be nice.  We headed up to Giethoorn, Netherlands, which is about 2 hours slightly northeast of Eindhoven.  There was a Starbucks on the way in Arnhem, so I begged Troy to make a bit of detour.  It seems silly that everywhere we go I check to see if a Starbucks is on the way.  The little things that remind you of home. :)

The town's nickname is the "Venice of the Netherlands".  There are no roads into the city, just walking, bike paths, and of course canals.  It was such a cute and quaint town to take a stroll thru.  It was a busy day here, so we couldn't wait the 4+ hours to reserve a boat, so we didn't get on the water.  We walked around, ate a picnic lunch, and fed the ducks.  There were lots of bridges and beautiful gardens along the walk.

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