Monday, October 8, 2012

Kasteel Heeswijk WWII Re-enactment Day (Sept 15)

Upon walking closer to the castle, I felt like we traveled back in time to WWII.  There were WWII vehicles, motorcycles, and lots of soldiers dressed in the uniform used for the war.  During WWII, US paratroopers missed their drop-zone and ended up landing at Kasteel Heeswijk.  The anniversary of this drop-zone date is Sept 17th, so every year the castle organizes a re-enactment to commiserate this event.  The highlight of the day was the paratroopers that were going to jump from a WWII plane.  I read that the paratroopers would come between 2:30-4, so we got to the field at 2:30 and anxiously looked up at the sky waiting...and waiting...and waiting.  The plane didn't arrive until closer to 4, but the kids were so excited when the paratroopers started dropping.  It was neat to see and something we don't get to see in the States. 

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